Trying to climb the ladder was really tough...

I’m a 35 year old British Filipino woman born and bred in South London. I come from a broken family and was homeless by the age of 16. Despite getting good grades at school, I dropped out of college to find work and quickly found an apprenticeship course where my first job was a PA.

Times were hard and lonely as my friends were enjoying college while I was renting a room and living on £250 a month. Trying to “climb the ladder” was really tough. I didn’t have a degree, I was short, young, non-white and female, and in a world where most people assumed that I was a nurse, a nanny or a cleaner, because that’s what “typical Filipino women are abroad”. I persevered, stayed positive and surrounded myself with good people who helped me make the right decisions.

Now in my 30s, I’m no CEO but I’ve had an amazing career working with some of the UK’s largest charities, global celebrities, and iconic leaders including the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. I've also travelled the world, am happily married with one child with another on the way, and feel the happiest and strongest I’ve ever been. I am proud of my experiences and wouldn’t change a thing but I just hope I can prepare my little ones for the world today, which seems far more challenging.

Tags: Race,Ethnicity,Homelessness